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The Power of Printing your Photographs

The Power of Printing: The ONE reason why you should print.

In this digital era, you have the ability to take hundreds of pictures without wasting space on your 36 exposure film. Thing is, we don’t print our images to share like we used too.  And the power of printing your images has been forgotten. Out of the thousands of photos stores on your digital devices, you’re bound to have at least a handful worth saving, printing, displaying and gifting. The problem is that most of us are so busy, we never get around to printing any of them, not even the best ones we’ve taken.  And where we do print? Do we know the difference between print labs and what options are available?  So let me give you the number one reason to print and the info you need to get the best quality physical images!

Not only does it mean more work down the road to sort through thousands of archived images, it also means we’re no longer displaying and sharing our favourite and most loved images.  Before the digital age of photography, getting your photos printed was a must.  And right now, your wedding photography is one of the last areas in which having a selection of the days images printed remains.

Young Book Photo Album

So the ONE reason… Well there is actually a bunch of important reasons all deserving of being the ONE!

Digital Files Can Degrade! I know, I thought that was impossible too!

Most non-pro photographers are unaware that the quality of JPEGs (.jpg) files can degrade over time. This occurs in many programs when you use the “save as” feature because the software automatically compresses the file. Also, JPEG images are slightly degraded every time you open, edit and save them again. Thus, the clearest image you’re likely to have is the one first rendered and saved on your camera, phone, cloud, etc.  Sending images via WhatsApp or email also compresses images to make for efficient data transfer, but loses quality in doing so.

But I’ve got my images saved in social media and a cloud!

Cloud services often compress images to make best use of limited space and when you restore it, it won’t be the same quality as when you uploaded.

Printing it now means printing the highest-quality version of your photographs is in your physical possession. And the power of prints will immediately prove itself should the digital version degrade.

ONE: Your Device-Computer-Hard Drive will FAIL.

Something you don’t realise the power of printing, until it has been taken away.  Every computer will eventually crash. You don’t need me to tell you this… How many stories have you heard of people losing all their work because of a crash.  Sure its rare, but it is a real risk!  So, as with above, if you haven’t printed the photos before that happens – or before properly backing them up – they disappear and that heart break of losing those memories sinked right in!

I am quite strict about my phone photo back up… but I was unlucky to have been pick pocketed many years ago.  I had just returned from holiday and the previous week’s worth of important photos all lost.  In that moment, I sent my phone a test message, it simply read “I WILL PAY FOR MY PHONE PHOTOS”.

The day I lost my images, if only I printed my images.

I never got a reply to that one… and was a real kick in the teeth to lose those moments.  Think about it… You lose your phone right now, would you worry about the value of replacing it, or the hurt of losing all your photos and memories.

Young Book Photo Album

ONE: Albums are valuable memory holders and keepers

Photo albums are kept, looked at, talked about and serve as a bonding tool for years, decades and by multiple generations. They are the things we look at when mourning a beloved family member or friend who’s passed away, they’re the memories we review for anniversaries and birthdays, and photo collections are the means of introducing our children to past generations or individuals they never had the honor to meet.

When you don’t print those photographs out, document them and save them in physical form, there is no way others can appreciate them or reclaim their own memories in the future.  This really shows the difference the power of printing your images makes.

There is something that really hits home when you’re holding your wedding album.  When showing friends your phone to review the images its a tiny screen, you’ve got notifications busting through and a slight worry they may accidentally scroll to images you don’t want them to.  Holding your album and watching the story unfold brings back emotions from the time and really gets the viewer immersed into your wedding day.

Young Book Photo Album

The BIG Number ONE reason! You want to share these!

The Power of Print really shows here!

Imagery is one of the most potent forms of communication on the planet. It trumps language every time. You can literally go to any country in the world and show them a photo of somewhere or something and they will recognize all or part of that image. It goes deeper than colour or form or what the weather is like in that particular scene. Images can evoke emotion, feelings, darkness or light. If you tried to describe just a few of these things to them without showing them the picture, chances are, they won’t understand a word you’re saying.

Now imagine you have a world of pictures saved on your phone, and you want your child to find their favorite. What do you think they’ll choose? Do you think they’ll find one at all? Would they understand how? If they found something they loved, would they know why? Thats really one powerful reason to print your images all by itself!

See the power of print HERE!

Watch as these children try and access the photos their mums have taken on their phones. Do you see why print wins over digitals here?

No scripts, just raw footage.  Its not mine, but when I saw it it really resonated with me.

Steve Mulvey Photography Has You Covered!

So we’ve talked about the power of printing your images.  But now, where do we go to get the best prints for our new heirloom additions?  Included in all wedding packages is an Album or print credit towards your wall art or prints.  But what’s the difference?  You can get a budget version down the high street at prices which seem to good to be true… But for Steve only the best will do.  The print labs used can all boast the use of  the most advanced printers in the industry able to replicate much greater detail and sharpness than the commercial high street labs.

Power of Printing: And there’s more to think about before you print!

Additionally the colour replication and range of colours being much greater, especially noticeable in the very bright and very dark areas of your photos.  But it doesn’t stop there… also required is the highest quality of materials.  The paper is key, but also the cover, the binding the attention to detail when being assembled requires the best.  The idea is that the most luxurious albums has over three million different choices of size, colour, material and paper.  But don’t worry.  Steve has undertaken training with the labs and factories to make sure the selection process is made easy for you.

Now, you may think, I can design my own… and with software out there, I agree its certainly achievable.  But rather than free software, Steve has invested in specialist software for album designs.  Coupled with years of experience creating and designing albums, Steve make sure  the final design fits the story of the day and reflects the happy wedding couple.

Steve is partnered with arguably, the best print labs in Europe.  Uses the Industry leading software to design and prepare your ‘one-of-one’ publication.  He has invested in training to bring you the best.   Why not get in contact with Steve to discuss your album

Young Book Photo Album
Young Book Photo Album

Want bring some digital to your physical images?

How about this to show the power of printing?

Ready to feel the power of printing? Still love digital though? How about you check this clip just to see what I’m talking about.  This album has a video screen upgrade! Have it play your wedding day music, add clips from guests or the videographer.  Make a slide show for showing at anniversaries… and its beautiful too!

Check the Album and Wall Art Investment page for details

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