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Second Shooting

Hi and thanks for taking the time to check out my second shooter services.  Details below.  Usual fee £250 with negotiated rates for repeat business, half day coverage and under an hour travel time.


I’ve been into photography since I was a kid, took up formal qualifications in 1998 with film and was quite happy in a dark room.  Left the photography world when it went digital but my passion returned in 2011 with some awesome travel adventures.

2015 I got into drone work and intended to hit the event market with aerial images, but this saw me with demand for regular photography and video work, which by 2016 was more profitable than my aerial business, so I gave that up and threw myself into weddings and stills only.  I took on over 30 assistant/second shooting wedding days and worked with some of the best in premium venues.  I did my own work, but fell foul of forever comparing myself to the best and not seeing my standing.  However a boost of confidence in 2018 saw me take this seriously and been holding my own ever since.  Another 30 weddings later I can say I’m experienced and professional.


Having followed a few photographers I’m keen to learn your style, to match your brand.  However left to my own devices, I’ll shoot with the long lens for candids to not be a distraction and keep it reportage.  I do have creative sparks and love to include some OCF where possible.  I’m constantly watching you so if there is a second best angle, then I’m going for it.  If I’m only in your angle I’ll at least use a different lens to provide variety.   I have confidence to interact with guests and staff to provide direction and sort out the group shots quickly and do my best to make it fun for the clients.

I am a customer service man, and will always tell couples I’m a photographer first but available to do all the errands to keep them focused on the party and lose all possible stress… if I need to run around the venue looking for the bouquet then I’m hot footing it.

My customer website has my portfolio http://www.stevemulveyphotography.com/

However, my clients galleries are at http://clients.stevemulveyphotography.com if you need a password to view one, let me know.



Sony a7iii

But I’m seriously not brand loyal.  I’ll shoot with anything.  All my canon glass is L series and I have zooms 17-40 f4,  70-200 f2.8.  I also shoot primes 35 f1.4 and 85 f1.4.  I can stick with similar to you for consistency if that helps.

Sony is all primes with Batis glass (18mm and 85mm) and a Samyang f1.4 35mm

I have GODOX OCF using XT-pro triggers  (both sony and canon versions)- 5x Speedlites and one mega AD600.  Manfrotto Stands and Newer C-Stands, Magmod modifiers, beauty dish and soft boxes.  I’m happy to share kit so if you want to try my stuff, no problem.


  1. Cards – I can hand them over and you can post back.  You can d/load on the day to your Hard Drive, you can give me yours to shoot on… I’ll go with your current practise.
  2. I drive – Me and my kit – no pick ups and drop offs needed.
  3. Food – Please feed me! Add a coffee and I’m all set lol
  4. Payment – Invoice sent day of shoot.  I can take cash or payment online (BACs, Credit Card, etc.).
  5. NDA – I have plenty of portfolio work, so no problem if you prefer me not to display.
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