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New Year – New Blog!

Happy 2020 everyone! And a warm welcome to the new part of my website! The blog!  I hope to recap on some of the great times I’ve already had, and to give a heads up on what else is around the corner.

New Year – New blog! Kick starting all the the things I talk about and putting them all here in a nice safe place! Enjoy! This post is an intro to my new blogging section of the website.  I know, it’s way overdue but we all got to to start somewhere! So Happy New Year and Welcome to the New Blog!

First off, a thank you to all my couples and clients over the last five years.  I’ve always knew I had some photography in me, even as a kid shooting on film… I was always the camera guy to friends and family.  A lack of confidence and the ongoing comparison of myself to the photography masters meant I always keep my work to myself.  But my love for taking amazing images had only got bigger and weddings are my happy place to shoot! After all, its got all disciplines of photography from creative portraiture to technical architecture… plus dancing!

Whats happened?

New Year – New blog! I always wanted to do one of these and its been requested a good few times, but I find it hard to take time for me when all I want to do is shoot weddings! So in Sept 2018 – I took the step to be serious with my work and invested in commercial elements. Then in 2019 saw me speak to new clients directly and compete with local high end photographers to be the chosen one to capture images.  What surprised me was feedback from my couples that the local photographers weren’t the best on customer service.  Poor responses to queries and a feeling that they just weren’t interested.  No I work with many other photographers and I know this can’t be the case with them all.  I really enjoy getting excited about every wedding and I love hearing the details… it make me work harder on the day and its fun being part of some of the secrets.

Take this firework photo with this blog.  Yes, its perfect for a Happy New Year post, despite being shot in August.  But the Bride and Groom had no idea this was happening.  The display was a gift from their mother and she had contacted me without their knowledge to ensure I was aware and if I could stay a little longer to capture it.  Which of course, was my pleasure!  Who doesn’t love being close to fireworks! and I, along with Hannah + Olly here, had the best view out of all the guests.

I’ve got some great photos to share in future blogs from weddings and from behind the scenes work with other fantastic suppliers!  Meanwhile, here is another moment, captured by the videographer of a happy Steve dance when the images are perfect! lol  Take care and speak soon!

Want to know more?

Why not head over to the contact page over here and let me know your plans!  I can’t wait to hear all about them!

The fireworks shot

From the amazing wedding at Jesus College in Cambridge.  Such an amazing venue.  Check out some more photos from this wedding on the slide show.

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